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Welcome to KIMURA Steak House, where the richness of imported Japanese wood and the sleek contemporary decor have the same stylish edge as the food. Stop by our Japanese Restaurant for delicious Sushi or Hibachi and the best dining experience in the Boynton Beach area!
Special lunch reservation Please contact : 561 733-2226
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Cassy J.

Impeccable customer service once you've had them you will not go to Saito's or Benihanas. I drive past both just to come here.Food is amazing chicken and shrimp hibach is my go to and it taste great here. Shrimp is nice and juicy, tender...yum. The chicken was a little over-cooked.  I don't eat red meat but the party of 3 sitting across from me all had steak and there plates were wiped clean...literally! They cater to the little ones as well making sure they enjoy the show and are comfortable (safety wise) and even have the learning chopsticks for them as well. I had the mamma mia sushi and it was super fresh and tasty. The pickled ginger was thee best I've had. I could eat a bowl of it!


Natalie C.

Hibachi is usually a hit or miss with me. I arrived early as we had reservations for 8 but because my party was running late we were seated later which was understandable. We had requested specific chef but were told that they no longer took requests which was okay. We told the hostess that we were celebrating a birthday and to please make a note of that. We then sat at the bar and enjoyed some really good Mai Tais while we waited for the rest of our party to come. Once everyone was available we were seated right away and was introduced to our server. I took her aside immediately and told her that we did have a birthday in our group and I wanted them to do a little celebration if they could to highlight the fact. Our chef was great. He was entertaining and funny and put on a really good show. The fried rice was delicious but the meat dishes were not so great. The shrimp and steak were over cooked and very bland which was a bit disappointing. We also never got the birthday knowledgement we wanted even though it was going on in different parts of the restaurant and the birthday girl was expecting it. That too was a bit disappointing but either way we were going to make it great night. At the end the birthday girl was all liquored up and feeling good.


Nicolas T.

The BEST hibachi steakhouse I've ever had. Do yourself a favor and demand that "G-UNIT" be your chef. He is basically a modern day Archie Bunker who will have you laughing so hard you'll spit out your sake. G-UNIT is not merely a hibachi chef; he is a damn comedy legend. My only qualm with this place? The valet parking. This is a Japanese restaurant in Florida, not the Grammy awards.  Why am I tipping someone to save me a 30 second walk from my parking space? Everything else is incredible though. Check this place out; you won't regret it.


Robert M.

The best hibachi in the area which is sad because the service is horrendous, I would love to come here more often but I need to pack my patience when I do so. I've been here over 10 times and they have only gotten my order correct one time there is always some issue every time, the food at the hibachi is cooked completely different from the food in the kitchen even though it's the sameMenu so I have to specify and it still comes out wrong. they get a new chef and you get 1/3 of the food you got last time you were there? If this place was consistent and had dependable service I would be there every week.


Holly S.

So I was treated to an early bday dinner here with my family. I've driven past here several times and didn't think of trying it. Well, I'm so glad we went here because the service and food were excellent! My sister and brother in law ordered ny strip and filet mignon hibachi dinners and I ordered chicken and shrimp. We all added fried rice to our orders. We ordered the garlic noodles for my nephew. He devoured them and before he could eat the whole plate, we all had a taste and agreed that they were amazing. Our chef was great and the food was delicious. They came to sing happy birthday and we ordered fried tempura ice cream to share for dessert which was pretty decadent. I definitely would come back again, to try the yummy looking scallops next time.


Alexandra E.

Chef Joel was amazing!!! Super great performance and the food has always been amazing. Staff is VERY ATTENTIVE. Good place for anyone looking for amazing food


Cheri C.

Update the new management is awesome.  We have been back several times and it has been consistently great.   Yaya


Zach R.

If I could rate a zero I would and by my different posts you can see I very rarely post a negative review. To start this debacle I arrived before 7pm, and ate at 9:15.....The waitress was professional and courteous and even kind, she took our drink and dinner orders and that's when this experience went from good to bad. We waited over an hour and a half prior to the chef even arriving at our table to begin cooking dinner. The table behind us had a chef arrive before ours and was seated AFTER us, and the table next to us ate, paid there check, had the table cleaned, re-sat, ordered and the chefs arrived to cook both tables at the same time....mind you they were seated 45 minutes after us. Once dinner starts we are all so happy that dinner started seeing how we were getting ready to eat after 9pm when we were seated around 7:30 at night. The kind waitress apologized and stated the manager was going to come over and talk to us. The young lady manager that arrived apologized apathetically, shrugged it off and went back to her hangout in the middle of the room and stood until it was time for all of the parties at our table to depart. Long story short, this was one of the worst dinning experience I have ever dealt with, and to top it off the manager of the restaurant had little to no care and deducted .18 cents off my bill for a 2 and a half hour dinner from hell.


Kimberly C.

Not happy. We came before and it was AMAZING. The chef was Joel. Tonight, after my mom fly since 5:00 am, we thought it would be fun. Great food and experience. Not so much. It was all rushed. I had never had 45 min Hibachi before!  The chef, Honda, rolls out in a Japan Inn uniform, flies through food, sushi apps come sometime in the middle of it all and checks are thrown down before we finished eating. To top it all off, my mom couldn't even eat bc they mixed her shrimp with the scallops and never asked about food allergies. The GM and waitress seems to think a person could only be allergic to ALL shellfish and not certain types. They also didn't bring her white rice until after she had eaten the food she could eat, her steak. The food was bland and the chef kept running out of sauces and seasonings. The rice was straight white and not fried AT ALL. It didn't have the garlic butter flavor that it usually does and no color to show it really was not done right.  And I have NEVER seen a hibachi chef not clean the grill!!! He left like he had to catch a flight...dirty grill was being cleaned but others after we paid. Not at all about customer service. And it really upset m when the GM told me, "next time, I'll make sure you have a good chef".  #1. There is no next time. #2. "A good chef...so you know you have crappy ones???" #3. It's 4 am and I'm up. Making my 71 year old mom food. Bc she's STARVING!  I entertain clients too and will be sure to go to another type of establishment.


Rennette F.

First time trying Kimura since it was a shorter drive than Saitos and absolutely loved it! Our group of course enjoyed the entire Habachi experience from fancy knife tricks to fire show it was great and the FOOD was amazing! We kicked things off with the Valentine Roll and that was super fresh. Don't let the pink color throw you off lol Def Worth a try. I also ordered the Rainbow cocktail which was tasty. I must say although everything was delicious my favorite thing on my plate was the fried rice. Totally worth the extra charge! I will Def be coming back to this place again


Edward H.

Had one of the best experiences of my life.  G unit is truly one of the best hibachi chef's I have ever had.  I highly recommend the only problem is Valet parking is not a great idea


Rebecca M.

Second time here and it was pretty good. Went on a Wednesday at 5 with a big crowd of 22 people for a graduation dinner. I had called in advance and they had separated 2 tables next to each other for a split of 10 and 12. They took our drink order fairly quickly and we waited for the chefs to be done with another table before coming to us. They have happy hour for food and drinks if you want to take advantage of that. Chef GUnit had us laughing all the time. He was great. Food was good. Only thing is they give you the rice first, veggies last and by the time those are done we were full. They have their own birthday ritual that was pretty cool. It was a great dinner experience.


Frieda L.

We had a reservation for my son's birthday for 7pm.  When we got there they told us it would be a little wait as they were understaffed.  We waited an hour, no apology, no complimentary drinks, nothing.  We only waited because my son really wanted hibachi for his birthday.  Luckily the grill man was good and put on a good show.  I will never go back!Tonight Danny Kang made good on his word and treated my parents and their friends to a wonderful meal!  Thank you for that!  We will definitely give you another try when we are in town!


Chris A.

Met some friends on a Saturday night, had a few drinks at the bar then sat at the hibachi table. The chef and the food was very good however my wife went to the ladies room and it was THE MOST DISGUSTING bathroom she ever encountered!There were a overflowing garbage can full of bloody women's feminine  products not one drop of soap in any dispenser! We will never ever go back there.


Jen F.

Kimura is such a great restaurant, I love it for takeout or for a fun and delicious dining experience. The sushi is out of this world, there's no words it's just that good. My boyfriend and I always order the Kimura Special Roll and the Snow Crab Lovers Roll to go.We recently dined in for hibachi and our chef was fantastic and funny. Their Lychee Martini is sooo good, pricey, like , but worth it bc they don't hold back on the liquor. I ordered shrimp and scallops with fried rice, my boyfriend ordered chicken and steak with fried rice. Both were amaazzzinnngggggg. It was so good that all we really had leftover was some rice.


Frankie R.

Never been to this place before and wanted to give it a shot with the wife and some friends. Was welcomed warmly by the staff/GM and sat at the bar with my wife to enjoy some cocktails while waiting to be called for our hibachi table. The drinks were great! The hibachi chef was awesome and very entertaining plus the food was amazing, steak was cooked perfectly. Bringing the family from Tampa again this week !!!


Bryee P.

3.5Sometimes rating a place is so hard.I want to say four stars but i am not really a huge fan.There was nothing wrong with my meal though. The atmosphere is relaxing. The music they play is beautiful inside!AND a few birthdays were in that day. The birthday song they play is cool! Drums and singing! We sat on the left. I am used to hibachi shows, so I didn't need to sit at one of the cooking tables.We got the soup. It was good.My boyfriend got the JB roll. He was upset that they use cooked salmon instead of raw. He said it was good, but not the best he has had. I got the chicken friend rice, which was yummy.The ginger sauce for the hibachi though is a little on the sweet side.Most ginger sauces I have had weren't this sweet.Altogether it was a good experience. I would go back :)


Jess H.

My name is Jess Harrill I'm a real estate agent from NC and the hibachi chef G-Unit is the funniest and most entertaining chef in town. Not to mention the best hibachi chef I have ever had cook for me. Thank you!


Kelci B.

By far my favorite hibachi restaurant. The food is ALWAYS great, and you have to ask for G-UNIT. He is the absolute best and will make your whole night!


Christine M.

First off, I enjoy eating Hibachi more than any buffet, so I walked in with high expectations. And to say the least, Kimura was a hit for me! We got there kind of late (40mins til closing) and they were packed so we didn't sit at the hibachi tables instead we sat at the bar. Our hostess seated us and then Danny took care of us. The place is pretty big. Wide definitely. If you didn't sit at the hibachi table, you could definitely still see the shows the chef puts on, which I thought was pretty cool. One chef was juggling flames  so cool. Since it was late we just ordered entree and they didn't take long at all to come out. The filet was DELICIOUS !!!!!!! Shrimp was seasoned to good taste. Rice is good consistency, if you follow my reviews you know I hate soggy rice. Lol the veggies on point. They gave you a good amount of veggies. The only thing that kept me from giving them 5 stars was the soup and salad that came with the meal. The mushroom was dry even though it was in the soup and the salad dressing was too peanutty. Other than that, we're totally coming back !!!!! Possibly this week too lol . Worth the drive for North Palm Beach.

About KIMURA Steak House and reviews 
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews
About KIMURA Steak House and reviews