13 easy and delicious dessert recipes

The universe of confectionery is wonderful. We all love desserts: those of a lifetime, the ultra-elaborated that we would never be able to do at home, the healthy ones for when we are on a diet and of course, above all things, we love the easy desserts and fast .

Either because we have little time, because we have little experience or because we are afraid, the idea of ​​spending hours in a kitchen preparing a complicated dessert, which requires many steps, ingredients , layers, baked that we do not understand, makes us desist in preparing some and end up buying it or asking our mother to do it.

Fortunately there are easy desserts to make at home. With few ingredients, with simple manufacturing processes, many of them could even be made by a child! How can we not dare then?

At Comedera.Com we have several easy and cheap desserts that we think you may like and that we are sure you will be able to do at home without any difficulty. Of course, you have to follow the instructions, as simple as it seems, the world of baking has certain rules, do not be scared, you will enjoy and it will not be complicated.

 easy dessert recipes

13 easy dessert recipes

Homemade cakes, cookies, biscuits ... We have variety of easy homemade desserts for you. Choose your favorite! 🙂

recipe of rice with milk easy dessert Rice with milk: A classic in Spain and in many other countries of the world. An easy dessert for which you do not need a graduate degree to do it 🙂

carrot cake recipe Pie of carrot: This is a delicious cake that anyone can prepare at home.

cake of cookies Mary Mary Cookies Cake: I think this is one of the easiest and fastest desserts to make more delicious than there are.

sponge cake chocolate Chocolate sponge cake: Sponge cakes are fun and easy to make. And if you prepare chocolate, everything is better.

how to make butter cookies Butter cookies : Butter cookies are very easy to make, they are prepared with few ingredients and in a short time.

homemade chocolate cookies Chocolate cookies: But you know what? Chocolate cookies are even richer than butter cookies and are equally easy to make!

chocolate-bars- home-with-dried fruits-salt-marina Chocolate bars with nuts: melted chocolate + nuts. This is one of those simple and homemade desserts that are available to everyone.

homemade orange biscuit recipe Orange cake: If you do not like chocolate cake (you're crazy let me tell you), then prepare a delicious orange cake.

strawberry-mousse Strawberry mousse: This quick and easy to prepare dessert is ready in less than 30 minutes!

 easy cheesecake recipe Cheesecake: The famous homemade cheesecake that we have all tried at some time.no it is not "another more", it is a very special one. And it is that everything made with apples is especially delicious 🙂

chocolate mousse Chocolate mousse: I think this is one of the easiest desserts more ... EASY, they exist. You only need 4 ingredients to do it!

We are always preparing easy desserts, so this list is constantly increasing.

And speaking of desserts, we have a page with healthy dessert recipes , check that your mouth is sure to water.

What are your favorite fast and easy desserts? Do you have easy dessert recipes that you want to share with everyone? Tell us!