20 easy light dessert recipes

Light dessert recipes were invented to brighten the lives of those of us who do not want to feel guilty when we get to the sugary part of our meals.

As I am a honored representative of that species that gives thanks every day because there are light desserts , I set out to collect your best recipes on Comedera.com. And since after Christmas I do not have so much desire to spend hours cooking, I paid special attention to the list of easy light dessert recipes .

Now, let's not fool ourselves . A dessert will always be a dessert. But there is a big difference when it comes to a dessert without sugar, with healthy ingredients or that changes the usual ingredients for others less caloric, but just as rich. That is what you will find in this compilation of sweet recipes light .

If your desire to prepare recipes light also encompass the salty food ( I guess that's the case, and if not, listen to me because the post is great), review the list of recipes Comedera.com light, to become the king or queen of recipes for healthy, light and tasty food.

Recipes of light and easy desserts

Ready to cook desserts without remorse? If you suddenly become a fan of the recipes for light desserts, I do not blame you. They are really great.

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 chocolate mousse Sugar-free chocolate mousse: this is the superstar on our list of light dessert recipes , because the ingredients are far from what you imagine , and yet, the result is absolutely delicious. Nothing else I leave a clue: this recipe has avocado.

cake of strawberries with cream Cake Strawberries with cream without sugar: better still than a cake of strawberries with cream, it is the same cake, but without adding sugar. Of course, the recipe has its trick so that the result is delicious, but here on Comedera.com, everything is explained step by step.

how to make homemade yogurt Homemade yogurt: yogurt is so versatile that it can become a dessert, breakfast, drink ... With this recipe you will have the base to prepare the best homemade yogurt, and it is in your hands to sweeten it in a light and rich way.

yogurt cake Yogurt cake: Yogurt is quintessential a healthy ingredient. This yogurt cake proposes healthy alternatives to sweeten the recipe and give it more flavor.

yogurt ice cream recipe Yogurt ice cream: If you liked the idea of ​​the yogurt cake, surely you will also be encouraged to prepare these ice creams. This easy recipe proposes three flavors. My favorite is the one with lemon.

apple pie crunch Apple pie: this dessert is prepared in a special way, to be even healthier. Click on our link and review, because it is not the conventional apple pie you are imagining.

how to make oatmeal cookies homemade Oatmeal cookies: In principle, we have a proposal for" fitness "oatmeal cookies. Of course, if you later want to go crazy and mix them with chocolate, everything will be under your responsibility.

how to make oatmeal pancakes Oatmeal pancakes: if you liked oatmeal cookies, you're probably going to like the pancakes too.However, be careful with the additives, because they alone have enough sugar: fructose. When preparing your salad, you can privilege honey as a natural sweetener.

homemade oreo cookies Cookies Oreo homemade: this is the moment you wonder how is it possible that some Oreo cookies are part of a list of light dessert recipes? The answer is simple: they are prepared with paleo - friendly ingredients. With this recipe you will discover the most natural side of this type of desserts.

desserts light

More light desserts on the internet

Here is a warning: if you eat all the light desserts in the world, even if they come from sweet recipes light, you will feel the least light that exists. Having said that, I leave here a list of easy light dessert recipes that I found outside Comedera.com.

  • Lemon cream without sugar. I love lemon, so this recipe smiled at me from the beginning.
  • Kiwi cake. It is not so easy to find good ideas for cakes light , but this, as well as being easy, is beautiful.
  • Cake without flour. Another light cake, for the purists.
  • Flan of green tea. An easy light dessert, which also does not carry eggs.
  • Tiramisu light. Who invented it in light version is a genius.
  • Baked peaches stuffed with nuts and honey. For those who, in addition to light desserts, look for recipes with very natural ingredients.
  • Flan de café light. Not only is it a light dessert, but it also has no lactose.
  • Strawberry sorbet. Certainly, sorbets are a good option when it comes to lightening desserts.
  • Fruit mosaic gelatin with yogurt. Jellies are also a good idea to stay inside the light kitchen.
  • Light mulberry foam. I like fruits, do you notice?

If after reading all this, you decided that you do not believe in light philosophy, if you are not interested in healthy desserts and you want to create a religion for the god of sugar, then we leave you this note with other dessert recipes, which are also very easy (as well as cheap), but are not necessarily light:

  • 13 easy dessert recipes and delicious.