27 healthy recipes for any occasion

Do you want to eat healthy and delicious? We have a good selection of healthy recipes of all kinds, from soups, salads and stews, to wonderful sugar-free desserts.

It does not matter if your goal is to diet to lose weight, eat low fat or just eat balanced , here you will find healthy foods suitable for you.

Recipes to eat healthy and delicious

We have several simple and delicious healthy dishes that you can prepare at home:

cream of pumpkin Cream of pumpkin: My favorite (and that of many), simple to prepare, super food and warm for when it's cool.

carrot and curry cream Carrot cream: Another wonderful cream full of vitamins for your body. This recipe has a magic touch that makes it amazing.

vegetable soup Vegetable soup: Una of the simplest and most nutritious soups that exist. It is worth using any vegetable that you have in your refrigerator.

sweaty fish Fish sweat baked: The Fish in itself is a healthy food. If you bake it and put some vegetables and potatoes, you have a delicious dish.

chicken entomated with herbs Entominated chicken with herbs: A simple and delicious stewed chicken cooked in its own juices. Practically cooks alone!

rice with vegetables Rice with vegetables: Nothing healthier than a ration of rice with vegetables. Use it to accompany grilled steaks or stews like the one above.

baked sweet potatoes ready Sweet potatoes Baked: The substitute for French fries. They serve as a snack for any time of the day.

3-recipes-of-pan 3 recipes to make healthy bread at home: What is better than a healthy bread recipe? Well 3 recipes! And also very creative!

how to make paleo gluten-free bread Gluten-free bread: Another way to make healthy bread, ideal for those who are allergic to gluten.

pancakes-of-banana Pancakes banana: Of the hundreds of pancake recipes that are available, this one of bananas, apart from delicious, is healthy and nutritious.

milk rice Rice milk: It has no lactose, no fat, is full of incredible nutritional properties and is perfect for vegans. It's healthy where you see it.

cream of asparagus Cream of asparagus: Delicious green cream low in cholesterol, with potassium and fiber. One of the best healthy recipes for dinner you can prepare.

how to make salmon baked with lemon Baked salmon: Baked fish are healthy. If it is salmon, better yet. Learn how to prepare this recipe easy, fast and healthy.

rice noodles Chinese rice noodles with vegetables and soy: Within Asian food you can find true simple and healthy recipes. These noodles are a good example.

fish in green sauce Fish in green sauce: fish always It is a healthy dish.One of those healthy food recipes that I always recommend to my friends.

Chinese vegetables sauteed with smoked tofu Green vegetables sautéed with tofu: Another easy, delicious and very healthy Asian dish. Tofu is a wonderful food you should include in your weekly food list.

broccoli cream recipe Broccoli Cream: In addition to the aforementioned asparagus, pumpkin and carrot, the broccoli cream is powerful, easy to make, very healthy and everyone loves it. It is ideal for dinner!

recipe for oatmeal pancakes Oatmeal pancakes: The pancakes are The favorite breakfast of many of us, children and adults alike. But hey! That you can also prepare them for dinner! Of course, if the oatmeal bundles are healthier, and very tasty!

pasta salad with chicken Pasta salad with chicken: Salads with pasta are wonderful, they feed a lot, they are healthy, they lend themselves to be very creative with them and they also work as a single dish for a dinner for example.

pasta salad with tuna Pasta salad with tuna: Like the pasta with chicken version, this salad is easy and delicious of doing. Even a child can prepare it (with parental supervision).

zucchini cream Zucchini cream : Yes sir, another cream, but they are so delicious! And so simple to do! I think creams are the easiest weight loss recipes you can make.

spinach salad Spinach salad: The power of spinach, which combine with everything, that feed a lot and also lend themselves to be very creative. Here I present 6 delicious and healthy recipes.

caprese salad Caprese salad: This recipe, in addition to Healthy and easy to make, it is very elegant, to say a word, hehehe. It is a dish that always surprises diners and that will never leave you wrong 🙂

tomato salad recipe Tomato salad: Yes, you can not miss tomato salad recipes among the healthy dishes that I propose to make at home. Here are 6 healthy and delicious recipes that I recommend you to try.

cream of vegetables Vegetable cream: In this list there are several creams, but they are the best example of healthy eating. And well, the vegetable cream is like the mother of the others.

healthy recipes

More healthy and easy recipes

In addition, we have 3 complete sections where healthy weight loss meals are the stars.

  • Easy salads

Salads are always part of any healthy diet. Not only serve as companions but you can use them as a single meal. Here we propose several simple and delicious salads recipes.

  • Healthy desserts

You do not have to deprive yourself of eating desserts if you are on a diet. There are many healthy dessert recipes that can satisfy your cravings to eat something "sweet".

  • Recipes light

If you have any doubts, we have a huge list of healthy dishes that you can make at home without any difficulty.

At Comedera.Com we are always publishing healthy recipes.Is not it?

  • Try any of these homemade recipes