31 low calorie recipes (desserts included)

If you're looking for low-calorie recipes because you're serious about losing weight, because you want to keep as you are or because you have a philosophy based on prudent diet, here's the latest, best and best Unforgettable dietary recipe list from Comedera.com.

The idea is that you can organize your easy light meals, with every well-explained detail, as we normally do in all our recipes, and that the result is always a low calorie menu.

Mind you, even if you're focused on a low calorie diet , this collection of recipes will show you very different types of ingredients and dishes, and why not ?, a few desserts to keep the love for food, and do not take away the desire to prepare our light recipes . Also, the idea is that you do not really notice that you are changing something in what you eat, or that if you cook for others, do not feel that you are limiting yourself. The point is that if you decided that from now on, the low calorie meals are your thing, with this list of light cooking recipes, you'll be like a fish in the water.

Low calorie meal recipes

From low calorie foods as ingredients for more elaborate dishes, to lighter ways to prepare meals that everyone likes, this list of easy light recipes will show you details and links so you do not have any doubts.

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how to make bread without gluten paleo Bread without gluten. If you can not separate your bread from your friend, even if you are a faithful cook (and diner) of the low calorie and fat recipes, this bread is an alternative without processed flours, that is, it is low in complex carbohydrates. It has no gluten so it is suitable for celiacs. It is also paleo - friendly. It should be called "friendly bread", or something like that.

rice milk Rice milk. Drinking rice milk instead of milk of animal origin saves you lactose, many calories, and perhaps, digestion problems. It is also delicious and easy to prepare.

chickpea and spinach salad recipe Chickpea salad and spinach. You love the chickpeas, and you suffer because they come in dishes that overload them with calories. That ends now. The problem is that you did not know this idea to prepare it in salad, with spinach. Not only is it a light recipe, it is also super easy to make and gives a new air to your usual chickpeas. That's right, avoid filling it with additional ingredients.

rice noodles Chinese rice noodles with vegetables and soy. You love pasta, but you only want to eat low-calorie dishes. Easy, the world is not over. By itself, the pasta is already a good mine of carbohydrates, but also, of compound carbohydrates. However, often the problem of this type of recipes comes not only with the main ingredient, but with the sauces: creamy, excess fat, tons of added ingredients. With this note, we propose a different approach, which changes the pasta with rice noodles, and only adds vegetables with soy sauce (which is also light).

 pasta salad with tuna Pasta salads. Another of the healthiest ways to eat pasta, and with fewer calories, is in salad. In addition, the mere fact of preparing them in this way, greatly reduces the amount of pasta that is eaten.As a gift, this link does not come with one, but 20 recipes.

pancakes-of-banana Banana Pancakes. In this recipe we tell you how to prepare one of the richest breakfasts, and at the same time feel free of guilt. Tracks? Skimmed milk, quinoa flour ... This is among my favorites from our easy low calorie recipes.

pancakes Oatmeal pancakes. We found the trick to reduce calories in banana pancakes, and now also in oatmeal pancakes. It is not so difficult. For example, you have to sweeten with Stevia and use healthy ingredients. Better click on the link.

Chinese vegetables sautéed with smoked tofu Green vegetables sauteed with tofu. Sautéed ones do not have to disappear from your kitchen, but you will remove heaps of calories if you replace the meats with tofu. If you materially miss the taste of meats, in this recipe we include a very small optional quantity.

salad recipes More salad recipes. Of course, in a diet of low calorie foods, the amount of salads increases considerably. Seriously, they do not have to be boring, and to show this note that does not include a recipe, but 18 light recipes for you to choose.

vegetable soup Vegetable soup. If you consume more vegetables, they do not necessarily have to come in the form of a salad. When the weather is cold, a vegetable soup is better.

how to make homemade tomato soup Soup of tomato: warm and delicious homemade soup made with tomatoes, ideal not only for its low calories but for how good it works when it is cool.

Desserts for your low calorie meals

We already said that desserts were not going to be left out of this list, and what is promised is debt.

strawberry cake with cream Cake of strawberries with cream without sugar. Strawberry cake with cream is the desserts desserts of almost everyone, according to a survey I did myself among my acquaintances. If you look, almost in all countries and in all cultures there are strawberry cakes, because they are prepared as part of the local pastry, or because some traveler took them and they became very famous. So, how do you get the strawberry cake out of a low-calorie diet? It is not necessary, the solution is to remove the added sugar, and in our recipe we tell you how.

homemade oreo cookies Oreo homemade cookies. If you replace the usual ingredients of this type of cookies with a lot lighter ones, the quantity of calories decreases abruptly. This is what we did with this recipe, and to give you a clue, the creamer carries coconut.

homemade chocolate mousse recipe easy Chocolate mousse. At Comedera.com we think of everyone. Therefore, when we wrote this recipe, we proposed two versions: one with sugar, and one without sugar. To find the second you just have to go to the bottom of the note.

apple pie crunch Apple pie. If you change the usual flour of an apple pie for a wholemeal flour, you will say goodbye to a few calories. But in addition, there are other options such as using dehydrated apples, sweetening with Stevia, or using healthier oils than usual.Totally different from the other chocolate mousse that we proposed above, this dessert is very worthwhile, not only because it is a recipe for low calorie cuisine, but because it is "paleo - friendly", with ingredients totally out of the ordinary. Personally, I love to tell my guests that it contains avocado, when they go for the second ration.

If you want to know more about light food , I leave here the link of our selection in light kitchen.

low calorie recipes

More low recipes in calories

It's really what we care about giving you the greatest possible variety of ideas, so here I leave the links to some light meals recipes that I found online, and I liked them They will surely help you keep your menu low in calories.

  • Zucchini rolls with gulas. It would not have occurred to me to mix zucchini and gulas on a plate, and the truth is that it's a great idea.
  • Aubergine stuffed with rice. Everything that includes eggplant is simply wonderful.
  • Hake in soy sauce. Fish is always present in low-calorie recipes. You can give it an Asian touch with a little soy sauce.
  • Grilled asparagus with vinaigrette. Easier and lower in calories impossible 🙂
  • Salmon tartar. We are familiar with the tuna tartar, but personally I find the salmon much more delicious.
  • Bechamel light. Yes, as you read it, there is a way to make low-calorie béchamel sauce.
  • Cauliflower puree. Served as a companion of some protein. A delicious and delicious option.
  • Chicken thigh with pomegranate sauce. Chicken cooked the right way is healthy. Here we tried it with a delicious homemade pomegranate sauce.
  • Stuffed meat in the oven. Everything cooked in the oven is healthier, easier and more delicious. And like the dogfish is wonderful because we are talking then of an amazing combination.
  • Light cheese cake. Yes! You do not have to deprive yourself of eating a delicious cheesecake if you're looking to cut calories!
  • Cauliflower pizza. Curious recipe that can become your favorite.
  • Salmon salads. Salmon-based salads are always a good choice to eat delicious and healthy.
  • Pineapple juice, cereal and watermelon. A powerful healthy and refreshing juice.
  • Grilled tuna with vegetables. One of the easiest low-calorie recipes available.
  • Strudel with peppers, zucchini and anchovies. Curious mix of ingredients with an exquisite (and healthy) result.

Probably, with all the interest that you are putting into consuming low calorie recipes , you would also like Be informed about foods that are good for your health. Therefore, I leave here this list of foods that will help you have better health.