40 recipes for slimming, easy and fast

Dieting to lose weight is a purpose with thousands of schools, gurus, currents, books, New Year's wishes and who knows how many more things. Everyone seeks the secret to achieve that goal.

There are diets to lose weight from routines with the same ingredient, always the same preparation technique, synthetic additives or many pills. According to my vision, it is friendlier to develop healthy habits, which eventually cease to be a sacrifice and become a lifestyle. For me, those are what eventually become easy diets.

So, you will not stay in the goal of losing weight fast, but you can keep yourself. We are going to welcome slimming recipes.

According to my philosophy, weight-loss diets that offer lower-calorie, healthier, balanced preparations with ingredients from different food groups are useful. excesses: no abuses of carbohydrates or fats. And of course, you also have to do exercises to lose weight.

Recipes to lose weight

Starting from a principle of eating balanced, rich and without exaggeration, here comes our list of recipes for lose weight, to help you lose weight fast without it becoming a suffering.

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cream of zucchini Zucchini cream: healthy and dietetic recipe and also perfect for heating the body. Although it has butter and cream, you can reduce the quantities or eliminate them from the preparation without any problem.

lentil salad Lentil salad: the nutritional properties of lentils are indisputable. With this salad you will be well fed. Besides being a dietetic meal, it is fresh and easy to make.

sweaty fish Sweaty fish: I hope you are ready for a delicious recipe, which can also become a fully balanced dish, in the company of some light garnishes. Definitely, I prefer fish than diet pills.

salad with tomato Tomato salad: Getting creative with a healthy basic ingredient is one of the easiest ways to find recipe ideas to lose weight. That's precisely what we did with this note.

banana pancakes Banana pancakes: recipes with Carbohydrates are perceived as caloric and inadequate to lose weight fast. But with this version of pancakes with only four ingredients, you will love breakfast without worrying about anything else.

puree spinach meatballs de brocolis Spinach meatballs with broccoli puree: it is not that when eating meatballs you are going to lose two kilos, but what is certain is that with this version of the recipe, your weight will be much happier than with the traditional version. Really, meatballs made from green vegetables? Yes, and you can not imagine how rich they are going to be.

vegetable broth Vegetable broth : we know that when you are looking for effective diets and how to lose weight quickly, it is common to find foods that do not have as much flavor. But that will end right now with this recipe, which will give you the basis to make many combinations, and that is the proof that taste is not synonymous with calories.

 cold pasta salad Pasta salads: pastas should not disappear from the panorama.If you prepare them as salads, from the start, you will remove many calories from the equation.

Andalusian gazpacho recipe Andalusian Gazpacho: this dish is super nutritious, delicious, refreshing. This recipe is indicated if healthy diets are your thing. I know, you're worried that the bread is part of the ingredients, but have you tasted it with slices of wholemeal bread?

recipe of broccoli cream Cream of broccoli: when making this recipe, we must pay special attention to two ingredients, which are cream cheese and butter. Therefore, I propose to replace them with their light equivalents, and that's it. Welcome to the world of slimming soups, instead of the juices to lose weight.

shrimp salad Shrimp salad: of course, bringing a dish to your salad version, with a dressing and light ingredients, makes it a more suitable option to lose weight. This is our recipe version of shrimp, so you can keep them in your diet to lose weight, without feeling guilty.

as make baked salmon with lemon Baked salmon: baked meats, with limited amounts of fat, are more friendly for those looking to lose weight. This baked salmon is an indispensable if yours is a protein diet.

healthy chicken salad Chicken salad: chicken salad is one of those dishes that we can not leave out when we talk about a diet to lose weight. In addition, a very complete meal is treated.

baked chicken Baked chicken: another form of Eat chicken without attacking your goal. In this preparation also brings a couple of surprise ingredients to add a lot of flavor. Undoubtedly, rich dishes are the key to know how to lose weight.

rice milk Milk rice: If dairy products are enemies of your diet to lose weight, with this idea you will have a variant to conventional milk.

recipe of zucchini stuffed with minced meat Zucchini stuffed with meat: an alternative to other recipes more caloric or with more carbohydrates. For best results, reduce the amount of cheese (you can even eliminate it) and select the meat very well, so that it has the least possible fat.

 spinach salad Spinach salad: in a list of slimming recipes, the spinach salad has a privileged place, because this plant is super nutritious and unexpectedly rich. With this note, we also propose several ways to prepare this type of salad.

grilled salmon with lemon Grilled salmon: Our grilled salmon recipes will work very well, as long as you do not choose versions with creamy sauces, because with those, the calories increase exponentially. It privileges the simple dressing, with lemon.

eggplant salad Eggplant salad: Do not forget that inside From your recipe plan to lose weight, it is essential to eat as balanced as you can.In the case of our recipe for sardines, I recommend that you regulate the amount of olive oil considerably.

bok choi salad Salad of bok choi, arugula and apple: With this preparation, you will include exotic ingredients in your day to day, without deviating even one centimeter of your goal of losing weight fast.

Chinese vegetables sautéed with smoked tofu Sautéed tofu with green vegetables: This dish will add a very oriental touch to your diet to lose weight. Nothing else, remember to moderate very well the amount of oil you use when preparing it.

sautéed pods Sautéed of pods with garlic and ginger: although this recipe is called "sautéed", it actually concentrates on the "boiling" of the pods. Sure, you have to go through the other vegetables oil and combine the pods at the end, but as always, take that amount of fat to the minimum and take advantage of this different way of eating vegetables.

Knowing how to lose weight is not a mystery worthy of a Ph.D. in nuclear physics, but a mixture of cooking rich, very light, and with very good habits. I insist, do not forget your exercises to lose weight, because miracles do not exist, and there are too many controversies about weight loss pills and their side effects. If you are already convinced that eating delicious and healthy is the basis of easy diets, here is a dessert to reward your change of mind: an exquisite chocolate mousse without sugar, which is also fully compatible with paleo diets.

recipes to lose weight

More recipes to lose weight

And how do I know that if you got to this point in the text, it's because you really liked our ideas for easy recipes to lose weight fast, here's a few more that I found while browsing the Internet.

  • Omelette with paprika: ideal food for the morning, or even for dinner. A recipe high in protein that will give you a feeling of fullness without filling you with calories.
  • Pear and Quinoa Salad: Quinoa has become popular in recent years, it is very nutritious, delicious and versatile. Check this recipe.
  • Tuna rolls: a simple and delicious recipe inspired by Asian cuisine.
  • Aubergines grill: here they explain how to prepare a barbecue with eggplant (which is very easy) that you can accompany with an equally simple recipe of rice with ginger and miso.
  • Fideua of mushrooms: a different way of eating the famous noodles of Levantine origin. Vegetarian, light and easy.
  • Cucumber soup with anchovies: why did not you imagine a mixture as peculiar as this and less in a soup? Surprise! It's a delight!
  • Green sandwich: delicious sandwich made with pure vegetables and cereal bread (or the bread you fancy).
  • Greek-style artichokes: another easy dish that you can prepare for dinner, light and delicious.
  • Baked vegetables with feta cheese: we continue with the wave of cooking vegetables, in this case accompanied with a delicious feta cheese.
  • Salad of red peppers: a rich salad that includes tuna belly and egg among its ingredients.Accompanied with banana are a great food.
  • Custard with jelly: easy to prepare (with few ingredients!) And with very few calories per serving.
  • Low-sugar cupcakes: The dream of all is to eat desserts that do not fatten, well, these cupcakes are an option.